Peru football must improve

Peru football association said that they are looking for ways to improve the level of their football.

The national team is currently ranked 8th in the CONMEBOL ranking for the World Cup qualification, and the federation wants the team to improve.

Indeed the level of Peruvian football has steadily declined in recent years due to poor management of the football federation.

However, there are signs that the national team is recovering with results of the national team improving. They managed to eliminate Brazil at the latest Copa America in the USA, and they have also managed some good results in the World Cup qualification.

In their last game against Argentina, they were unfortunate for not having won the game after twice leading the match. They only managed a draw against one of the better sides in qualification.

But these results have been relatively rare, and the football federation wants to ensure that they get this kind of result on a regular basis.

It is believed that money will be invested at the grassroots level to ensure the development of younger players and make sure that they have the basics rights as from childhood. There will also be more resources given to clubs so that they can train in better conditions.

Peru has enjoyed quite an inconsistent form in recent games. As mentioned above they have managed to draw with teams such as Argentina but failed to win games against some of the smaller nations. The Peruvian federation wants the team to become more consistent and ensure that they pick points that will allow them to climb up the table.

They will want Peru to prepare for the next Copa America and to get a chance to go further than they did the last time at the Copa America Centenario.