Hopes High for Peru Team in the FIFA Cup

Peru is holding the third position in group C for the current FIFA World cup. Things haven’t been too good for them as they’ve won just one match from the three that have been played. On 26 June 2018, the team after quite a while had won the FIFA World cup finals after beating Australia since 1978. MNT played to draw the game against them on Oct.16, 2018 in front of 25k viewers at Rentschler Field and the game was played in the Pratt and the Whitney Stadium. The USA MNT has, on the other hand, won, drew and lost one match out of the three they’ve played. The United States has won against the team 3 – 0 before in history when the US was qualified for the 1990 World Cup. After that, in 2000 the Gold Cup and 2015 in Washington DC The manager of the team had returned most of the team used for the World cup against the US in Connecticut.

Peru’s team members have their trade in almost 12 of the countries, led by five players. The four majors are from the Portland team, Vancouver Team, Orlando team and many of them to note. During their first international match on the 12th of October which was held in Miami. Peru’s initial win in the first cycle was helped by an own goal and a late gush of two goals by the team. With Carillo and Guerrero on the form they needed, they could easily pull off the victory against US MNT, but instead, it turned out to be a draw. Josh Sargent scored the first goal of the match in the 49th minute while the second goal was hit by Edison Flores on the very ending if the match at the 86th minute.