Uruguay managed to increase the pressure on the national team manager of Peru, Sergio Markarian, after yet another defeat for the national team. Sergio Markarian has been under pressure in the last couple of weeks after failing to get the right kind of results even with the best squad at its disposal.

Uruguay only managed to increase the pressure on him after their win over Peru in the latest World Cup qualifying match. Peru last qualified for the World Cup back in 1982, but they were looking at the possibility of making it into the tournament that will be held in their home continent.

However, the latest loss against Uruguay now means that they set near the bottom of the table with only three points on the board. Their opponents on the night, Uruguay, on the other hand now have seven points and lead the table. Speaking after the match, the Uruguay national team manager Oscar Washington Tabarez said that he is extremely confident that Peru will be able to do well in the remaining World Cup qualifiers. The Peru national team was missing a number of high profile players due to injury and Oscar Washington Tabarez has said that the team will be much better when they get the first-team players back, according to the Tottenham news website.

“I got (telephone) calls that tell me the ball didn’t go in for the first goal. They tell me that for the second goal there is offside. Luis Suarez is clearly off. I’m not going to make a value judgment over the refereeing nor do I want to stain Uruguay’s victory, which was fair without doubt, but I’m left with a sour taste, a hard defeat,” said Sergio Markarian after the match. He has also said that he will not be resigning from his post as the national team manager after this defeat.