Sebastian Vignolo is of view that Paolo Guerrero hasnt got Recognition in Football World

Sebastian Vignolo, the presenter of a famous Football show on Argentinean TV, is of the opinion that Paolo Guerrero, the skipper of the Peruvian national Football Team, hasn’t got his due recognition in the Football world because of his nationality.

As per Vignolo, if Guerrero had been hailing from a country that is in Europe or even from some other country in South America, but, not Peru, the best clubs in the world would be lining up for his services.

In the words of Vignolo, “Peru doesn’t have a history of producing players who became the best of the generations, like an Argentina or a Brazil has and the league structure of the country is not rated around the world either. That is, maybe, why someone coming from Peru doesn’t fascinate you, but, what I have made of Paolo is that he is world-class and with a different nationality, he might have a Barcelona contract in his pocket by now.”

However, on the same show, there was another opinion coming from Jamie Macias, a Football pundit of Ecuador, who reckons South America is probably the right place for Guerrero and he might come up as a lesser player in Europe as the demands of the coaches in the two continents are different and those who succeed in one continent might not succeed in the other.

Macias said, “There are players whom we have seen get very successful with their country, but, not that much with a club in Europe. It can be opposite too, in the sense that some can actually be successful in Europe, but, not with the country.”

“See Carlos Bacca, when he is in Milan shirt and when he is in Colombia shirt, the difference is visible. So, it’s about the style of a player and Guerrero’s style, I think, is better for this part of the world rather than for Europe.”