The Peru national football team will play a friendly match in South Korea next month. This announcement was made by the Korean Football Association yesterday.

However, it hasn’t been decided yet that the match will take place at which venue. The KFA is likely to announce that soon.

This is only the second time that these two countries will take on each other. The first and only match played between them was 42 years back in 1971. Peru had hosted that match.

There is not much difference in the world rankings of South Korea and Peru at the moment. Peru is at the 30th position, while, South Korea is at no. 40 in the official FIFA rankings.

According to the reports, the Peruvian Football Federation wanted this match to be organized a bit earlier, but, South Korea has to host East Asian Championships as well in July, so, the KFA decided to schedule this match in August.

South Korea has already made it to the World Cup 2014 finals which are going to be organized in Brazil. But, Peru is yet to get there. They still have some games remaining though and this friendly game will be good practice for them.

The South Korean team is also going through a transitional phase at the moment. There have been changes in their management recently and the former skipper Hong Myung-Bo has been appointed as the new manager of the team. So, this match is going to be important for them as well. This is an opportunity for them to test their preparations for the World Cup Finals.

Meanwhile, South Korea is considered as a strong contender in the East Asian Championships as well. They know their home conditions pretty well and they would be hard to beat. The three other teams which will take part in the East Asian Championships are Japan, Australia and China.