Sergio Markarián – Last coach for Peruivian National Football Team

Sergio Markarián was the last coach to be in charge of the Peruvian national football team but ever since his departure from the managerial position in the team in 2013, there has not been anyone else that has officially taken up that spot.

The former Brazil coach Felipe Scolari is currently being viewed as the next possible manager of Peru as they are looking for a coach who has experience playing in some of the biggest teams and competitions from around the world and Scolari definitely does fit the bill as he has been in charge of top teams such as: Chelsea and Brazil as well as has experience coaching clubs which started off as early as 1982.

Peru has never lifted the World Cup title and from the look of things, it’s going to take quite some time until they manage on doing it or at least until they can enter to the finals or quarter-finals.

The captain of the Peruvian national football team is Claudio Pizarro and his future with Bayern Munich is starting to look more and more distant from the German club as he is only getting a few minutes of playing time and at 36, he is reaching an age where it would be better off to end his career on a high note and that would be in a club where his chances of playing are higher which doesn’t seem to be the case with Bayern Munich who are aiming to not only win the German league title but also the Champions League and having a 36 years old player would not contribute anything very significant or meaningful towards the accomplishments of these goals.