25 replies on “Ronaldinho vs Atlético-MG 25.06.2011”

  1. it seems like he is at another level compared to his team mates. they wasted a lot of great passes from Ronaldinho

  2. 1:45 – 2:00 efin looser man, i hate players like that, cheeky bastard slick fouling and try to hurt the man.

  3. Ah é Ronaldinho, é isso aí R.10, corre pra dar mais um título ao Flamengo!!!!!

  4. He stills looks a little overweight,,, but hees grinning, so thats a start :))

  5. I bet he’s getting a lot of preferrential treatment over there. How many throw ins given the wrong way???

  6. No doubt about his talent and unique skills. But he just doesn’t hustle like a hungry hound as he used to in 2002 WC.

  7. thanks r80ronaldinho1 for this he was amazing but i think he can do way better

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