Pitch Invaders During Copa Peru

The Copa Peru is an annual tournament which is held in Peru which allows clubs to earn a promotion spot into the First Division League of the country while the runners up get into the Second Division. The first edition of the event commenced back in 1967 where the team of Alfonso Ugarte de Chiclin claimed the victory and was elected as the first champions.

During one on of the latest matches of the tournament that was played in this current year between Minsa FBC and Expreso Inambari, the match had to be suspended for a few minutes after a number of pitch invaders made their way through an area of the playing ground.

There have been occasions in matches that animals have interrupted matches and it’s fairly common for that to happen every once in a while but the people that witnessed this game saw something which does not happen every day as a herd of cows ran their way from one section of the pitch into another one.

The match was stalled for a few minutes as some of the players watched the cows stomp their way into a section of a pitch and had to wait for them to leave. This has sparked a number of criticism from people stating that this incident could have caused an injury to a player if he was unaware of the animals that were coming behind him however, there were no injured players as the cows ran into a section of the pitch that was not played at that particular moment but at the end of it all it still was a rare and rather comedic sight to see as videos of that match have been spread around just about everywhere including television shows and messages in social media displaying a touch of laughter.

Published by Liam