Philippe Coutinho may get place in National Team

There are some players who knock on the door of the national team and then, there are others who just break open that door. Philippe Coutinho seems to be the one belonging to that second category.

The 22-year old Brazilian midfielder who has not been featuring for his national team in the recent times has now made it difficult for the Selecao boss Dunga to ignore him.

He has been showing a bit of a Midas touch for the Reds in the English first division Football this season.

It’s not only the goals that he has scored. A lot of players actually find the net, but, there are only few who catch the eyes.

Those who tend to score on big occasions are spoken about the most.

In pressure situations with whips cracking, Coutinho has lifted his game and has done the job for Liverpool and perhaps, tried to send a message to Dunga that he is ready for a national recall.

When he was given the opportunity to play International Football for the first time back in 2010, he was only 17 at that time and was just learning his art. He was pretty good though, but, perhaps not good enough for that level.

However, now, he knows his game better, knows what he can do and how he should go about it.

Dunga has also dropped hints that he is keeping an eye on the Liverpool youngster and he will be slotting him in at some point of time.

Dunga’s current lot of midfielders is also going fine though and he might keep going with them for some time before he gives Coutinho another break.

However, it’s hard to say with Dunga. He surprises people with his selections at times.