Jefferson Farfan is undoubtedly one of the best players to represent Peru over the last decade. He will return to Liga 1 with Alianza Lima for the 2021 season, which kicked off a few weeks ago.

Farfan and Alianza Lima will play in the top flight in Peru (Liga 1) for the 2021 season after they were reinstated to the Liga 1 despite their relegation at the end of last season.

Alianza Lima are giants of club football in Peru and they suffered a shock relegation from Liga 1 at the end of the 2020 season. It was the first relegation from the top flight for the club in 82 years. Alianza Lima have won the league title in the top flight in Peru 23 times and are one of the biggest clubs as far as football in Peru is concerned.

The most recent league title win for Alianza Lima came in 2017 and it was surprising to see the club fall from grace to grass in the space of three years. However, the club is fortunate to be back in the top flight of club football in Peru due to the problems at Carlos Stein.Carlos Stein have been demoted from Liga 1 to Liga 2, while Alianza Lima have taken their place in Liga 1.

Carlos Stein have been demoted to the second division after the Peruvian Football Federation found the club guilty after payment commitmentsmade to players last season were breached.

Alianza Lima have produced some of the biggest names in the history of football in Peru. The likes of Peruvian football legends like TeofiloCubilas and Paolo Guerrero are products of the club. Kluivert Aguilar is also a product of Alianza Lima and the young player is expected to join Manchester City in the summer.