Marcelo Bielsa’s last season in charge of Athletic Bilbao was a disappointing one as the club concluded the campaign at the 12th spot and much of this comes as a consequence after selling one of their key midfielders which was Javi Martinez and Fernando Llorente was experience problems with the club after experiencing contract disagreements and ultimately it left the Spanish forward out of action for most of the season.

The 58 years old Argentinean former coach was offered the chance of coaching Peru as Marcelo Bielsa already has experience being in charge of national teams as he has coached Argentina and Chile some years ago but Bielsa declined the chance of being at the head of the Peruvian team and they had to select Pablo Bengoechea.

The Peruvian national football squad for a few months had to cope with no one in charge of the team but now Bengoechea will be the designated man in charge of the team until December of 2014 but if he manages on getting good results during his time at the head of the team it is very likely that he will get a contract extension.

Bengoechea already has knowledge of the staff and players around him as he previously was the assistant coach of the team and now will take charge of it after Sergio Markarian resigned. During Bengoechea’s time as a player he managed to win the Copa America in 1987 and 1995 with Uruguay and Peru has failed to reach the World Cup since 1982, the staff of the Peruvian national team is hoping that Bengoechea can achieve success with the team just like he did with Uruguay.

Since the resignation of Sergio Markarian from his role of coaching Peru, the staff has been searching just about everywhere trying to find someone that can fill in the spot and at one time there even was rumors claiming that Diego Maradona would be taken into consideration as their new coach.